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Never Germ Application

Never Germ Application

Made in the USA, NeverGerms® antimicrobial labels, wraps, and film designed to create cleaner and safer surfaces. Easy to apply and safe to use, NeverGerms® surface covers reduce microbes on high-touch areas, decreasing daily exposure by touch contact. Once applied, antimicrobial protection happens 24 hours a day 7 days a week, lasts up to 6 months, and works safely in conjunction with common cleaners and cleaning.

NeverGerms® antimicrobial surface covers are available in various shapes and sizes, based on application. NeverGerms® products are Polymer-based, Latex-free and designed to be used in conjunction with common industrial cleaners. To see if how these products can be a great fit, call Homecare Solution LLC at (484)-509-7197.

The Science Behind Antimicrobial Technology

Antimicrobial technology utilizes characteristics of microbes to generate a specific and targeted response. The antimicrobial properties work to inactivate microbial enzymes that then accumulate within microbial cell compartments thereby inhibiting microbial cell division. These agents also sequester critical nutrients, arresting microbial cellular metabolism, and interact with the nucleic acids to prevent microbial proliferation and reproduction.